Hi, I'm Lori Futcher!

My mother used to say I was writing even before I could read. My love for writing has only grown with time. Now I am a freelance writer and graduate student working on my MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing. I'd love to use the writing skill I've been developing for decades to help you tell your story.

— Tompaul, independent producer



Profiles, features, press releases, stories, and more—I'm your girl.


From big picture edits to copy editing, I can help polish your work.


From voice-overs to writing workshops, I love to talk!

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Lori Futcher
Nampa, Idaho, United States

About Me

I love to tell stories that change people's lives. As a freelance writer, I have written such stories for both children and adults. With my public relations background, I'm able to adapt my writing for press releases and newspaper stories.

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